Medicline Telehealth Services

When clinically appropriate, our Doctors can provide suitable Medical Consultation, which can be effectively managed online via a video call, Prescriptions, Medical Certificates, Specialist Referrals, Pathology Requests and Radiology Requests.

Our telemedicine consults are charged according to the duration – not what medical documents are issued to you. Just like any consultation, if you were to visit a local medical clinic, you will have to have a consultation where the Doctor will ask about your health history, symptoms and any other details required, so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not the Consult will result in a medical prescription or not.

If you have an underage child you are the parent/guardian of, who needs to speak to a doctor, you can add them to your account by visiting your Profile when logged in. 

Click on your Profile to add or edit your dependent’s details. Alternatively, you can sign up for an account for your child and request the Consult through your child’s Profile.

Need more information? Talk to a member of our support team by emailing info@medicline.ae

Yes, a doctor can issue you with a Sick Leave Certificate when clinically appropriate. These Sick Leave Certificates are predominately used for workplace or university personal leave. The certificate will be available in your registered email inbox immediately following your Consultation, which can be saved to your device or forwarded to an email address, where you can deliver this to relevant personnel (place of work, school, etc.). 

Doctors do not backdate Sick Leave Certificates and will rarely issue a Medical Certificate covering the period required for your recovery. The details issued on the Certificate is up to the Doctor and what they deem suitable during the Consultation.

Yes, a doctor can issue you with a Specialist Referral, Pathology/blood test, or Radiology/X-Ray Request when clinically appropriate.

*****You must have a valid National ID if you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates.  If you are an international patient, a valid ID or passport is sufficient.

The Referral will be available in your registered email inbox immediately following your Consultation, which can be saved to your device or forwarded to an email address. You can print the Referral and take it to your preferred Specialist, Pathology or Imaging Centre, or email their administrator directly. 

Results for pathology and imaging are sent directly back to our Medicline clinic, where we will notify you when to request a consultation to discuss the results with the requesting Doctor. 

Please get in touch with our support team if you have not been notified that your results have been received within 3 business days from your test date.

Consultation Cost

  • Standard Consult (less than 15 minutes) 199.00 AED
  • Long Consult (less than 30 minutes) 350.00 AED
  • Specialist Consultation (less than 30 minutes0 350 AED

Over 95% of our consults are just 199.00 AED

*** If laboratory tests are requested through our partner laboratory, the fees will be discussed with you prior to ordering them.

The consultations are automatically timed and billed. Your nominated credit card will be automatically charged upon the conclusion of your online Consultation. 

You can edit your payment details 24/7 through the Medicline Website when logged in to Instant Consult. .