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Need help for your Diabetic Prescription Renewal in Dubai?
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Online Prescriptions & Renewals In Dubai

No need to panic. Medicline Doctors Online is here to give you telehealth and teleconsultation services. Stay where you are, at home or work, and let us take care of your prescription needs at anywhere in Dubai in 24/7. Book with us for a hassle-free, convenient healthcare experience.

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Need help for your Diabetic Prescription Renewal in Dubai?
Request a callback in 30 mins

Need an online prescription in Dubai?

Medicline Telehealth & Teleconsultation Services In Dubai

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Sometimes the medication runs out at the wrong time. May be you need to renew your diabetic prescription. We at Medicline are here for you seven days a week to help you manage your medication.

We will email your medical prescription or repeat medicine prescription to your registered email address and help you by sending your medication via one of our partner pharmacies to your home, office or hotel.

Medicline provides quality healthcare without leaving your home, office or hotel. With Medicline, you can book an appointment for a Telemedicine Consultation with experienced and registered Doctors on call.   

Speak to an online doctor based in Dubai, UAE.  We service all international patients with safe, private and convenient consultations. International GPs & Specialists. Prescriptions & sick leave certificates can be provided after a medical consultation with one of our doctors.

Doctor Prescriptions for Medicine Dubai, UAE

Medicline Dubai Telehealth & Teleconsulation Services multilingual doctors are accredited from respected international medical boards in Sweden and Australia joining our telemedicine platform! Our team speaks English, Arabic, Swedish, Farsi and Urdu.

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How does Medicline Doctors Online provide prescriptions to patients without them leaving home or work?

Medicline Doctors Online uses a secure telemedicine platform to connect patients with qualified healthcare professionals. After a thorough consultation and if deemed necessary by the doctor, a prescription will be generated. This prescription can either be sent directly to your registered email address or directly to a pharmacy of your choice for pick up or delivered straight to your doorstep, making it a convenient option for those unable to leave their home or work.
Medicline Doctors Online can provide prescriptions for a wide variety of conditions. This includes prescriptions for chronic conditions, such as, antibiotics, diabetes and hypertension, and acute conditions like sinusitis or urinary tract infections and more.
Moreover, we make it easy for people who require prescription refills / repeat prescriptions, this way you do not need to miss out on taking your medication because your prescription will be delivered to you on your email within minutes.
Online consultations are an effective way to diagnose and treat many health conditions. It is convenient because you don’t need to leave your home or work to see a doctor, receive a prescription or get your sick leave. In case of a serious condition, our doctors will guide you if an in-person visit is required during your consultation.
Yes, Medicline Doctors Online offers around-the-clock services. However, the availability of specific doctors may vary. Also, delivery of prescriptions is subject to pharmacy working hours and delivery service availability in Dubai. We suggest checking with your preferred pharmacy for their operating hours.

Just. give us a message or a call from where you are. We will take care of the rest.