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Liver sample XL

AED 200.00

The liver is one of the body’s largest organs whose role, among other things, is to break down and transform drugs and toxins, regulate blood sugar levels and is a depot for vitamins, sugar and iron. Since alcohol and obesity are two important lifestyle-related causes of fatty liver, which give abnormal values, it can be valuable to gain insight into how your liver is doing. By checking liver samples, any abnormalities can be detected at an early stage. In liver test XL, you get a deeper understanding of your liver and bile duct function.

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What can Liver sample XL tell you

Measures important liver markers.
Gives you insight into how your liver is doing on a deeper level.
Detects if you have a possible viral infection, liver disease or if there is an alcohol effect on the liver.

What is tested in this package

What is AST

AST is an abbreviation for aspartate aminotransferase and is an enzyme that is mainly formed in the liver. It is also found in smaller amounts in the heart and muscles. If these organs become diseased or damaged, the cells release the enzyme and the levels in the blood rise.
What is Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP)
ALP, or alkaline phosphatase as the abbreviation stands for, is an enzyme that is found throughout the body but in extra large quantities in the liver and bones.
What is ALT
An alanine aminotransferase (ALT) test measures the amount of this enzyme in the blood. The enzyme ALT is formed in the cells of the liver and is therefore specific for the function of the liver.
What is Gamma-GT?
Gamma-GT is an enzyme that is formed mainly in the liver, but also in the kidneys, prostate, pancreas and testicles. In connection with diseases of the liver and bile ducts, the levels of this enzyme in the blood rise and the sample is usually analyzed when a complete analysis of the liver’s function is desired.
What is Bilirubin
Bilirubin is a breakdown product that is formed when the hemoglobin in the red blood cells breaks down. Bilirubin is secreted from the liver via bile into the intestine. If the function of the liver is impaired, this process can be disrupted and the bilirubin level in the blood rises.

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We recommend that you do regular health checks to detect any abnormalities at an early stage. It gives you a better opportunity to prevent before medical care and treatment is required.