How it works

Diabetes & Blood Sugar Test

AED 200.00

Diabetes is not one but several different diseases with different causes. The common denominator is that blood sugar is too high. The classic symptoms are feeling increased thirst, urinating more often and larger amounts and weight loss. Fatigue is common and repeated urinary tract infections in women may also occur.

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What can Diabetes & Blood Sugar Test tell you

Measures blood sugar levels.
Gives you a picture of your blood sugar levels.
Gives you an indication of whether you are at risk for type-2 diabetes.

What is tested in this package

What is HbA1c
HbA1c, colloquially known as “long-term sugar”, shows the amount of glucose (sugar) that has been bound to the red blood cells, which can be used as a measure of the average blood sugar level over the last 2-3 months.
What is Glucose
Glucose, or dextrose as it is also called, is needed for the body’s cells to get enough energy to perform their normal functions. Glucose is also the body’s and brain’s main source of energy. The body strives to keep blood sugar at an even level. When you eat, the blood sugar level in the blood rises, and the pancreas then produces the hormone insulin, which acts as a key that opens the cells for the introduction of the sugar. When this happens, the blood sugar drops. When the blood sugar drops to an excessively low level, e.g. during intense physical exercise or prolonged fasting, the pancreas produces the hormone glucagon which stimulates the liver cells to release stored glucose into the bloodstream. When insulin production in the pancreas is insufficient or if the body’s cells have reduced sensitivity to insulin, blood sugar levels are too high. This is what happens in diabetes.

Before your appointment

Fast at least 10 hours before sampling

Take the test at any time of the day

That is how it works

Select health check

Order the health check that suits you and your goals best. After ordering, you will receive information by email about how to proceed and choose a sampling location.

Take your test

Werlabs has a network of 200+ connected sampling points where you can choose to book an appointment or drop-in for your blood test. Information about what to think about before taking the test will be sent by email.


Your results will arrive in your Werlabs digital journal within 2-4 business days, reviewed and commented by a licensed physician. Some tests may have a longer response time.


We recommend that you do regular health checks to detect any abnormalities at an early stage. It gives you a better opportunity to prevent before medical care and treatment is required.