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Dr. Sadeq M. Ali

DHA Registered Doctor - Specialist Consultant Internal Medicine

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Medicline Dubai Teleconsulation Services multilingual doctors are accredited from respected international medical boards in Sweden and Australia joining our telemedicine platform! Our team speaks English, Arabic, Swedish, Farsi and Urdu.

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What is included in an online treatment plan?

An online treatment plan typically includes a diagnosis, recommended treatments or medications, lifestyle changes, and follow-up appointments if necessary.

Online doctors are fully licensed and their treatment plans are as reliable as those given by traditional in-person doctors, although complex conditions may still require a physical examination.

Yes, if your condition requires specialized care, the online doctor can provide a referral during your consultation.

The referral will be sent directly to your registered email inbox following your consultation.

The referral will typically include your name, the reason for referral, and the type of specialist you should see.

Yes, if the online doctor deems it necessary during your consultation, they can request a blood test from your closest laboratory or we will have them requested from our partner who will send a nurse to your home.

The blood test request will be sent directly to your registered email inbox after your consultation.

The blood test request will typically include your name, the specific tests requested, and the location of your nearest laboratory.

While not always necessary, seeking a second opinion can provide clarity and reassurance if you’re unsure or don’t understand your medical results.

Our online doctors are available to provide a second, unbiased opinion and help you understand your medical results and condition better.

A second opinion can confirm your diagnosis, provide additional treatment options, or even suggest a different diagnosis or treatment plan. It can also help you make a more informed decision about your health.

Yes, if deemed necessary by the Medicline Dubai online doctor during your consultation, they can provide a sick leave note.

The sick leave note will be delivered directly to your registered email inbox after your consultation.

The sick leave note will typically include your name, the date of consultation, the recommendation for leave from work, and the doctor’s signature.

Yes, if necessary, the Medicline Dubai online doctor can prescribe medication during your consultation.

The prescription will be sent directly to your registered email inbox post-consultation.

Because of our experts and experienced doctors faculty. Here we assess patients with care and empathy. You will get the best treatment and health suggestions from Medicline.

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Why Using an Anxiety Scale Is Important:

Diagnosis: Anxiety scales help diagnose various anxiety disorders, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Panic Disorder, by quantifying symptoms.

Severity Assessment: They provide a quantitative measure of anxiety severity, aiding in determining the appropriate management strategies.

Treatment Monitoring: Anxiety scales can track changes in anxiety levels over time, allowing healthcare providers to adjust treatment plans as needed.

Conducting an anxiety scale assessment is a crucial step toward understanding and effectively managing anxiety. If you suspect you are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or believe your anxiety is affecting your daily life take our FREE Online Anxiety (GAD) Test today.


Medicline Dubai through our partners provide quality Healthcare services direct at your doorstep; at home, at work or at your hotel.


Sometimes the medication runs out at the wrong time. We at Medicline Dubai are here for you seven days a week to help you manage your medication.

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Muna AJ
Muna AJ
Good service
Excellent professional service, the best in Dubai. 10/10 - Highly recommended.
Suzie Hart
Suzie Hart
They were really prompt, professional and extremely understanding. I really enjoyed the experience
Nick Hyland
Nick Hyland
Amazing service and team, thanks a lot. I will be using moving forward.
Kelly Stephens
Kelly Stephens
Absolutely amazing service. Professional, very swift, friendly, patient, understanding of the fact that I was new to Dubai. Fully supportive throughout and attentive communication, was flawless . I will be recommending Medicline Doctor Online Services to friends, colleagues and anyone who requires medical assistance. A Sincere Thank you to Summer and Dr Sadeq M. Ali
ludovica cimmino
ludovica cimmino
Excellent service, professional and efficient
Rahmi Mohammed
Rahmi Mohammed
Excellent services، Thank you so much
Fatma Almulla
Fatma Almulla
Best service , and employees are very helpful
monique landayan
monique landayan
Its a great experienced and definitely high recommended for those who cant go to Clinics physically.Thanks to Samar and Dr. Sadeq.

Health Tips & Care By Dr Sadeq

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police car






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Fire Department (Civil Defence)

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Understanding the 3 Stages of Bone Density: Strong Bones Today, Stronger Tomorrow!

✔️Normal Bone Density: Your bones are healthy and strong. Keep up the good work!

✔️Osteopenia: A slight decrease in bone density. It’s a signal to take action before it progresses.

✔️Osteoporosis: Severely reduced bone density, making bones fragile and more prone to fractures.

⭐️Early detection is key! Regular bone density tests can help you stay ahead of osteoporosis.

⭐️Treatments like calcium and vitamin D supplements, weight-bearing exercises, and medications can prevent or slow down bone loss.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your bone density tested today and consult our online doctors for personalized advice and treatment options.

Contact to book your bone density test.

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At Medicline Telehealth Services, our doctors can evaluate for possible triggers of an asthmatic patient.
Health tips for Asthmatic Patients!

Be aware of your symptoms.

✔️Cough, wheeze and difficulty breathing are all signs that your asthma is not well controlled
✔️Know your inhalers
✔️Use a spacer
✔️Take back control

”Prevention is the best cure”

#asthmaproblems #inhalers #onlinedoctorconsultation

In the week leading up to ”World Hypertension Day” we dedicated the month to communicate to the UAE community the importance of hypertension and its serious medical complications, and to provide information on prevention, detection and treatment.

Here are some ways to prevent High Blood Pressure
Eat a Healthy Diet. Choose healthy meal and snack options to help you avoid high blood pressure and its complications
Keep Yourself at a Healthy Weight
Be Physically Active
Do Not Smoke
Limit How Much Alcohol You Drink
Get Enough Sleep
Reduce salt intake
Manage stress levels
Regularly monitor blood pressure
Promote awareness about the risks of hypertension and benefits of early detection through regular check-ups
At Medicline, we believe that “Prevention is the best cure”.
Contact to connect to one of our doctors to obtain information about hypertension and how to manage it. #worldhypertensionday #worldhypertensionday2024 #checkbloodpressure

Good news!
ERX prescriptions (your digital prescription) are here at Medicline Telehealth Services!
Need a new or repeat prescription for your medication? At Medicline, we now can offer you a digital prescription to have your medication claimed on your insurance.
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Remote patient monitoring of blood pressure via telehealth is a beneficial intervention to improve hypertension management.

Patients will increase compliance, BP measurement accuracy, and medication dose optimization without relying on clinic visits and the associated risks of being lost-to-follow-up.

Managing your hypertension is easy with Medicline Telehealth Services.

Referrals for diagnosis
Follow up appointments with patients
New and repeat prescriptions (ERX)
Available to you 7 days a week

At Medicline, taking care of your health is easy! #hypertensionawareness #onlinesupport #doctoronlinedubai #dubaihealthcare